This page will announce and catalog updates relating to this store...

October 21st 2012:

In celebration, we have uploaded movements IV and V of Anarchic to our Bandcamp page. What we are celebrating is the first officiated release date for Anarchic, being the cassette in January of 2013. The final movements, VI and VII will not be released until the album is out. Again, all funds raised go towards the effort of releasing this album ourselves. 

In other news, we are currently co-conspiring with the small label Hyden Venet to release an old rehearsal demo of the original Kamlaniye line-up. The release is keeping faith with the intimacy and underground integrity that this project has to offer. We will also have a new shirt design for sale within two week.

Amidst Falling Leaves, Skagos

August 23rd 2012:

We are very excited to announce that the Ast DLPs have at long last, arrived. We are currently offering both the Audiophile and Standard editions. The shipping calculator is only set for both Canada and the United States, as I am still in disbelief as to the cost of shipping this record over-seas. Until I find a solution, I suggest that if you're ordering this record from anywhere other than continental America, you go through Pesanta, Eternal Warfare or Noxious Noise. I also ask to be excused for the high shipping costs in general; there is nothing I can do about the situation, and we have chosen to eat a bit of the costs on each order ourselves. We hope that you will continue to support us by buying from our webstore in order to help fund future releases.

Warmth, Skagos

June 28th 2012:

We've added a feature to our bandcamp page which allows you to buy the physical copy of the Skagos/Panopticon CD and be given an immediate free download of the high-quality audio files. This offer would be extended to the Ast CD if it weren't for the fact that we are currently sold out. Once the Ast vinyl arrives, this offer will be extended to that as well. It will only be available through bandcamp, as it only makes sense through that medium.

Litha, Skagos

June 18th 2012:

We have launched this page in corroboration with our attempts to harness and engage fully in the production, sale and distribution of our own material. This move is intended to bring a more intimate relationship between us, the entity of Skagos, and those that choose to acknowledge and share its presence in the world.

Added to the store:

  1. Ast CD, last few copies.
  2. Panopticon/Skagos Split CD Digipack
Upcoming (in no particular order):

  1. Ast DLP
  2. Anarchic CD Digipack
  3. Anarchic CS (via Eternal Warfare)
  4. Himmelszelt LP
  5. Ast CD Digipack Repress
  6. Various clothing merchandise 
Plus many more things, planned, conceptualized, and some in the midst of creation, all swirling through some vastly unknowable cosmic well of creation, landing eventually on this page before being swept in to your possession.

Vernal, Skagos